Bosch IoT Insights

Link Panel widget

Using the Link Panel widget, automatically generated or manually defined links can be added to the dashboard. You can define as many links as you want.

Automatically generated links can point to:

  • Explore and Processing views, such as Data Explorer, Data Browser, Data Analyzer, Query History, Input History, and Processing Information

  • Views you have created



Proceed as follows

  1. Select the Link Panel widget in the widget list.
    → The widget configuration page is displayed.

  2. Configure the settings as described below.

  3. Click the Add button.
    → The widget is added to the dashboard.

Dashboard Settings

Open the Dashboard Settings pane to set how the widget is displayed in the dashboard.

  1. In the Size drop-down list, decide how much space the widget should take in the form of columns.

  2. In the Visibility drop-down list, decide whether the widget should be shown or hidden in the dashboard.

  3. In the Layout behavior drop-down list, decide how the size of the widget should be adapted in the dashboard.

  4. In the Title field, enter a title for the widget.

    For a dynamic title, you can add placeholders with the ${...} notation. The placeholder source is filterParams (if a filter widget exists on the dashboard, e.g. ${filterParams.paramName}).

Link Settings

  1. In the Autofill drop-down list, select a link pattern.

    If you selected Fill with links to Explore and Processing views or Fill with links to Project views, skip the following settings and click the Add button.

  2. In the Links pane, click the Add link button to add a manual link.

    1. Enter a Label to specify the heading for the link.

    2. Click the EN drop-down list and select Add DE: German to add the German equivalent for the label.

    3. Enter a Description.

    4. Click the EN drop-down list and select Add DE: German to add the German equivalent for the description.

    5. Enter a Link Label to specify the display name of the link.

    6. Click the EN drop-down list and select Add DE: German to add the German equivalent for the link label.

    7. In the URL field, enter a:

      • URL to add a location or website.

        For external links, start the URL with http:// or https://.

      • File link

        As opening a file link is considered a potential security risk, it is restricted by modern web clients.

        Therefore, in order to open this link from the widget later on, you can copy it from a dialog which appears when the link is clicked, and then paste it into your file explorer.

        Make sure that the link is trustable and correct before using it.

To remove a link, click the Remove icon images/confluence/download/thumbnails/1083888307/icon_remove-version-1-modificationdate-1602594204000-api-v2.png .