Bosch IoT Insights

Tour Map widget

A tour will be displayed based on latitude and longitude, which are describing one point in the coordinate system of the world. Only many points and the connection inbetween those points are describing a tour. This data is used as Bosch IoT Insights gets it, so it is recommended to add an ascending sorting thru the time in the associated template.


Dashboard settings

Options below "Dashboard settings" (see also Widgets) are the same as for the most widgets.

General Settings

"General Settings" include a field for setting a refresh interval in seconds. It isn't sencefull in any case to use that field. It depends how often you get new data and how much data you have to load (Example: You are getting data out of a package of 20 seconds. So the maximum would be a refresh interval of 30 seconds, respecting that the decoding needs also its time.).

For a dynamic title, you can add placeholders with the ${...} notation. Possible placeholder sources are filterParams (if a filter widget exists on the dashboard, e.g. ${filterParams.paramName}) or data from the data source (if source is specified, e.g. ${[0].payload.value}), insights (user context), dashboardName or widgetId.

Data Source

Data Source is also part of the description you can find in Widgets. In case you are using the data out of a "Playback" widget, your choice will be "Playback: All Frames" as "Data Source".


This option is shown when you have chosen more than one "Data Source" and is described in Widgets.

Tour map settings

In the "Tour map settings" you are having the following options:

  • Latitude - Path to "latitude" as a single numeric value

  • Longitude - Path to "longitude" as a single numeric value

  • Tour-End-Event - Optional information that has to be a boolean value ("true" or "false"), which reacts on "true".

    • For example you are having a signal called "Machine switched on/off", you would use the case "Machine switched on" as "false" and "Machine switched off" and "true". The "Tour-End-Event" will be "Machine switched off". The next tour starts rights after the first, but will be shown in another color.

  • Map height - Height of the map

  • Support playback cursor - Only important if you are using a "Playback widget" widget.

    • A cursor will be displayed on the map and you can show the coordinate to a timestamp. In combination with other playable widgets (e.g. "Illustration widget" widget) you can show or investigate the combination of device related information and a coordinate.

Frontend options

Basic functions

This information is described in General widgets.