Bosch IoT Insights

Subscribing to a Bosch IoT Insights service instance


Bosch IoT Insights service instances are bookable within Bosch as well as external customer.

In case you already have a subscription, feel free to skip this step and proceed with Uploading data.

Ordering for Bosch external customer

If you are interested in Bosch IoT Insights then please fill in this form and we get in touch with you.

Ordering for Bosch internal

The IT Service Portal is the primary source for ordering software, hardware and services within Bosch.

Proceed as following:

  • simply search for "IoT Insights" in IT Service Portal and click on order (as shown below)

  • enter information like service plan and desired project name in the opened form

  • submit the form to start the regular approval process

  • after the order has been approved by your manager a subscription will be created for you

Important Remark

After an order has been processed. You will receive a separate mail directly from Bosch IoT Insights which contains a dedicated activation Link.
Only by using this link, your subscription will be activated!