Bosch IoT Insights

Subscribing to a Bosch IoT Insights service instance


Bosch IoT Insights service instances are bookable through the Bosch IoT Suite UI where you can choose between different service plans, support schemes, platforms, and regions.

This step-by-step tutorial is intended for users who use Bosch IoT Suite for the first time and want to subscribe to Bosch IoT Insights.

In this guide you will learn how to:

In case you already have a package subscription, feel free to skip this step and proceed with Uploading data.

Navigate to the Bosch IoT Suite UI

  1. Use the Bosch IoT Suite website as an entry point.

  2. Click the My Account icon images/confluence/download/thumbnails/1018131374/my-account-version-1-modificationdate-1566235221000-api-v2.png and then click the Sign in button.

    1. If you already have a Bosch account you can log in via Bosch Login (for Bosch employees only) or Bosch ID (for external customers).

    2. In case you are not a Bosch employee and do not have a Bosch ID account either, select the Bosch ID login option and then click Not registered yet?.
      You will be then guided through a wizard to quickly create one.

  3. After logging in you will be re-directed to the Bosch IoT Suite UI.

Create a Suite account and organization

When logging in to Bosch IoT Suite for the first time, you will be directed to the Account creation wizard, where you should:

  1. Enter your First name and Last name.

  2. Check the boxes for the required confirmations (all three are required and contain the general Bosch Service Terms and Conditions).

  3. Click Agree and create account.


On the next dialog of the wizard, you will be asked to create your first organization.


  • an Organization name (An Organization is meant to save your billing information and allows you to order additional subscriptions, the name can also be changed later on)

  • an email for the Data protection officer (Mandatory but only needed in case of a potential data leak to third parties)

Confirm with OK.


Enable your organization for purchasing

To be able to book paid subscriptions, you have to enable your organization for purchasing.
The process is different depending on the Bosch account you are using:

Bosch Employee - Login (activate purchasing)

If you are a Bosch employee, logged in with your Bosch Login credentials, you need to configure your Bosch cost center.
It will be billed for your paid subscriptions. (For that, a Purchaser role in the organization is required, if you are the one created the organization this is the default role.)

  1. Navigate to the Organization UI feature.

  2. Click the Manage organization icon.

  3. Click the Edit icon.

  4. Enter your Bosch cost center.
    (If you don't know your Cost Center you can use the linked tools BOSCH UDITOR and RefMDS to determine it.)

Once set, the Bosch cost center cannot be changed anymore for this organization on your own. Therefore please verify carefully that the proper cost center is set.

In that case, once you confirm with OK and Save the changes, you have enabled your organization for purchasing and can book paid subscriptions.

(There might be cases in which a cost center cannot be used for billing, since it was not enabled for digital offerings. In this case please contact our Support)

The cost center responsible will be notified to grant or reject each booking of a paid subscription via WorkON Process.

As ordered, you will receive also a mail regarding the created WorkON Process.

Bosch ID (External - activate purchasing)

If you are a customer from outside Bosch, logged in with your Bosch ID credentials, and you want to purchase a paid subscription, you need to create a support request to buy a subscription.

You will then be contacted by our sales team to provide you with an offering which fit best to your use case.

Remark: Booking a Free Plan of Bosch IoT Insights

It is also possible to book a Free Plan of Bosch IoT Insights for Testing and Evaluation purposes, this of course does not require activating a purchasing account.

Booking a Plan of Bosch IoT Insights

  1. Open the Subscriptions UI feature.

  2. Click the + icon on the right side.

  3. Select the service for which you want to subscribe. Bosch IoT Insights is selected by default so just click Next.

  4. Select the desired service plan of the subscription.

    1. If you are just getting started, stay with Bosch IoT Insights - Free Plan.

    2. If you've already evaluated Bosch IoT Insights and want your project to scale - select one of the paid service plans e.g. PayAsYouGo, Starter, Standard or Premium.

  5. At the Platform and region step, directly click Next.

  6. At the Support plan step, select the support plan that fits your needs and click Next.
    (Depending on your need you can order an increased support for your subscription - which we recommend for fully productive scenarios)

  7. At the Summary step, you must enter a valid Subscription name.
    Here you can also review your subscription information and if something needs to be changed - go back via the respective button.

  8. You must also accept the two conditions concerning legal terms and organization data sharing.

  9. Click Subscribe.


You will then see your new service instance as part of your subscriptions list.

Attention - You will also receive a separate mail directly from Bosch IoT Insights which contains a separate activation Link. Only by using this, your subscription will be activated!

Additional Info - In case of booking a Paid Plan

Booking a paid subscription would not work automatically, as you would have to enable your organization for purchasing and obtain additional approval of the purchase by the cost center responsible via WorkOn.
This means that after the completion of the subscription wizard, your service instance will be listed in the Subscriptions list with the status "provisioning" and a label "Waiting for approval".
Only after the approval is given, the status of the service instance will change to ''active".

If you want to find your access credentials, select your subscription and then click Binding credentials, as shown below:

The example shows the structure of the credentials.

  "service_url" : "",
  "dashboard_url" : "",
  "data_recorder_url" : "",
  "project" : "xxx",
  "username" : "xxx",
  "password" : "xxx"