Bosch IoT Insights

Getting started

Field data is an essential asset for understanding the reality that products are exposed to. This understanding is a prerequisite to improve products and to keep them competitive on the market. But field data for products is not automatically available. It needs effort to build up a sustainable process and environment for collecting and using field data.

Bosch IoT Insights therefore provides a cloud infrastructure, REST APIs, and a user interface for storing, querying, and isolating data for further investigation and needs. It is further based on state-of-the-art technologies, such as MongoDB.

This tutorial helps you to quickly and easily discover the functions of Bosch IoT Insights. It provides you with valuable help and useful tips enabling you to gain practical experience with the system. In this tutorial, you will upload initial data to Bosch IoT Insights, evaluate the data sets, and generate a graphic presentation of the results of the analysis.

Use the provided sample data and a simple use case to get to know Bosch IoT Insights.


The content of the Getting Started tutorial is also available as a video here.


The following sections will guide you step by step: