Bosch IoT Insights


Statistics show when which documents have been processed with which pipeline and whether errors occurred.

Click the Statistics tab to open the statistics of all pipelines.


If multiple pipelines have been used for processing the input documents, they are separated from one another as seen in the above screenshot.


To view the Statistics, you have to be assigned to the Manager role or higher.


  • Processed Input
    Displays the number of processed input documents

  • Pipelines
    Displays which pipeline has been used for processing

  • Output
    Displays the collection to which the processed data has been stored

  • Error Rate
    Displays how many errors have occurred while processing

General functions

Filtering the statistics

Proceed as follows

In the Global Pipelines Statistics section, select the time frame for which the statistics shall be displayed.

Viewing the raw input documents

Proceed as follows

Underneath Received Date Range, click the <number> Total Raw Input Documents link to view the input documents in the Input History.

→ The input history entries for the input documents are displayed in the Input History.

Creating a pipeline

Refer to the Creating a pipeline.