Bosch IoT Insights

Notification Banner

In Notification Banner, you can configure a notification banner with information, for example, on outages or planned maintenance work that is visible for all your project members. The notification banner is displayed at the top throughout the whole project.

Proceed as follows

Click the Notification Banner tab.
→ The Notification Banner tab is displayed and shows the settings for a notification banner.


You are assigned to the Admin role.

Setting a notification banner

Proceed as follows

  1. Activate/deactivate the Enable notification banner checkbox to show/hide the notification banner.

    Until you have added text to the Notification Message field for the first time, the checkbox is grayed out.

  2. In the Notification Message field, enter the text that should be displayed in the notification banner.

  3. In the Show more URL field, enter a link that is opened upon clicking the Show more button.
    → The Show more button is added to the notification banner.

  4. In the Notification Banner type drop-down list, select one of the types Info or Warning.
    → If you selected Info, the notification banner is displayed in blue. If you selected Warning, the notification banner is displayed in yellow.

  5. Click the Save button.
    → The notification banner is displayed at the top throughout the project.

    To hide the notification banner, deactivate the Enable notification banner checkbox.