Bosch IoT Insights

Email Templates

In Email Templates, you can view the existing email templates that are used to communicate with other project members. The email templates can be adjusted by editing the downloaded file and uploading it back to Bosch IoT Insights.

The following email templates are available:

  • Notification
    To inform your users

  • Calendar Booking Deleted
    To inform the user about a booking that was deleted in the calendar

  • Calendar Booking
    To add schedules to a calendar

  • Calendar Booking Changed
    To inform the user about a booking that was changed in the calendar

  • Removed Users From Project
    To inform the user about removed users

  • Calendar Task
    To add scheduled tasks to your users

  • Calendar Booking Conflict
    To inform the user about a booking that conflicts with another booking

  • Consents New Revision
    To inform the user about a new version of the consent document

  • User Invite Existing
    To re-invite users who might not have succeeded to activate their account within the given period

  • User Invite New
    To invite an unknown user to the project

Proceed as follows

Click the Email Templates tab.
→ The Email Templates tab is displayed and shows the email templates.


To execute the following actions, you have to be assigned to the Manager role.

Configuring email templates

You can adjust the parameters in the default templates. Open any template to see the parameters and their description that can be added or removed.

Proceed as follows

  1. Open the template you want to adjust.
    → The parameters are displayed.

  2. Click the Download button.

  3. Save the file to the desired location.

  4. Edit the file locally by adding and/or removing parameters using your desired tool.

  5. In Admin > White labeling > Email Templates, click the Upload button to upload the adjusted file.
    → The email template has been updated.

To remove the adjusted email template, click the Remove button. The default email template will then be active again.