Bosch IoT Insights




Bosch IoT Suite

Bosch IoT Suite provides middleware capabilities needed to build sophisticated IoT applications from top to bottom. It is provided as a set of cloud services.

Bosch IoT Suite website

All pages visible in the www to an anonymous user (as well as web crawlers etc.)

For example, it presents the service catalog for general information.

Bosch IoT Suite portal

All functionality which is visible to the authenticated users.
The range of items visible to the authenticated user may vary, based on what he is authorized to see or do.

For example, it allows to register as a potential customer (B2B), to subscribe free plans, to manage your subscriptions, maintains the legal framework and terms of use.

Bosch IoT Insights

Bosch IoT Insights is a fully managed cloud service that collects, processes, and stores your IoT data for further analysis.

IoT data management provides the basis for optimizing devices and functions and developing new services and solutions.


  • lowest level of abstraction from which information and then knowledge is derived

  • sequence of one or more symbols, given meaning by specific acts of interpretation

Examples: sensor value, counter, histogram

Field data

  • data collected in an uncontrolled in situ environment

  • data collected by using a product in a realistic environment

Examples: pre- or post-SOP data collection with production vehicles, etc.

Context data

  • essential vehicle or infrastructure characteristics

  • data retrieved from outside the object under inspection (e.g. products)

Examples: VIN, OEM, model, odometer, etc.

Meta data

  • descriptive, structural or administrative documentation about data ("data about data")

  • piece of information, necessary to use or properly interpret actual data

Examples: information about data origin, quality, organization, implementation, etc.

Database structure

General example of what we refer to as a "data set", attribute or features, record, and value.



A user is a human being, a machine, network, etc. subscribing to use a part of an application.

The initial user of an Insights project is the one who has subscribed the service instance. This user is empowered to invite further users to the project.

See Authentication and authorization


A role is a job function within the context of an organization. The associated semantics regards rights and duties (the authority and responsibility) conferred upon the user (or group of users) assigned to that role.

See the list of roles within an Insights project at Available roles.