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Using the Decoder, specification files can be uploaded to decode hex string-based CAN traces.

The Data Decoder Service provides the following default specifications:

  • Supported formats: ODX, FIBEX, DBC, A2L, and Protocol Buffer

  • Maximum file size of decoder specifications: 15 MB

  • Maximum lines of CAN traces per decoding request: 10,000

The detailed Swagger documentation of the Decoder can be found in the Swagger UI dividing the REST interface mainly into three resources:

  • Decoder: Decode HEX-based CAN trace lines using a given decoder specification file (ODX or FIBEX)

  • Decoder Requests: Access previous decoder requests

    The decoded output cannot be accessed as it is not stored.

  • Decoder Specifications: Manage (view, upload, or delete) decoder specification files

Proceed as follows

Click the Decoder menu item.
→ The Available decoder tab is displayed which, if configured, provides a list of all available decoders.



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