Bosch IoT Insights

Data storage

In Bosch IoT Insights, input data is stored in the object storage while processed data is stored in MongoDB using a highly secure, cloud-based lambda infrastructure.

The object storage refers to a raw data storage system that stores input data in any format. After processing, the data will be stored in BSON (Binary JSON) format in MongoDB.

For more information on MongoDB, refer to the MongoDB website.

The data ingested into Bosch IoT Insights receives an Input Data ID and will be stored in a collection containing input data. After the ingested data is processed, the data receives a Processed Data ID and is stored in a separate collection. Both collections have the same structure: ID, metadata, and payload. Further information, such as the sender's name, an internal ID, and the IP address, can be added.


The following information can be stored:

  • Data types, such as time series data, aggregated counters, statistical information, and logging information

  • Metadata

  • Image information

  • Device information

Interfaces for third-party data analytics tools such as Matlab and Excel are available. The data can be exported in various formats including JSON and CSV.

For more information on data processing, refer to the Data processing chapter for an overview and to the Processing chapter for more details.