Bosch IoT Insights

Data Recorder Service

The HTTP Data Recorder is a generic data ingestion service which allows a client to send data to the Insights backend.

All raw data is kept stored in the system. The upload of new data triggers the processing of that data which results in a new processed data set which is stored separately from the input data.

The target project and content-type of the data needs to be given. The service accepts any content-type in general (such as JSON, XML or ZIP), but it is the responsibility of the project specific processor to handle the input correctly.

We recommend you to use preemptive authentication. That way, the basic authentication request is sent before the server returns an unauthorized response. Also refer to the Apache documentation.

Data Recorder Service - base URL

Your application will need to address following endpoint.

Data Recorder Service - swagger UI

To interactively try out the API, you can use the following entry point


The following HTTP POST request shows an example request for a project with name 'demo', using the basic authentication of the credential foo:bar and sending JSON content.

Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Basic Zm9vOmJhcg==
"hello" : "world"