Bosch IoT Insights

API references

The API references in Bosch IoT Insights can be accessed via the user menu by clicking API Docs.

The API references are composed of the following parts:

  • MongoDB Query Service
    Service for querying processed data.

  • HTTP Data Recorder Service
    Service for sending data to Bosch IoT Insights via HTTP(S).

  • Project Management Service
    Service for managing projects and associated configurations. Including the UI service for managing REST requests, dashboards, the project's logo, and the UI configuration.

    The UI configuration itself can change over time, backward compatibility of older configurations cannot be ensured.

  • Data Decoder Service
    This service accepts ODX and FIBEX projects (specifications) via HTTP(s) and decodes hex string-based CAN traces using one of the provided decoder specifications.

  • Bosch IoT Things HTTP API
    Service for managing things from Bosch IoT Things.

  • CarMediaLab (CML) Upstream Service
    This service allows to send data to Bosch IoT Insights via HTTP(S) using the CML upstream protocol.