Bosch IoT Insights

API documentation

The Bosch IoT Insights' APIs are documented with Swagger. This includes a JSON-based API description and a modified version of the Swagger UI to explore the API. The links to the Swagger UI are provided in the corresponding sections for each service.

The Swagger UI always indicates the latest API version. However, there is a drop-down list at the top navigation to switch to the desired API version.

Note that the session expires after two hours of inactivity. The Swagger UI API responds with a 403 (Unauthorized) which is mostly due to a timed-out session. You are prompted to enter credentials, in this case of the API user.

The most convenient way is to refresh the browser to start a new valid session. If you are not logged in to Bosch IoT Insights anymore, you need to log in again.

For further information on Swagger, visit the following web pages: