Bosch IoT Insights

Creating an API user via API

You can create an API User via the Bosch IoT Insights API. By default, the API user is assigned to the Data provider role. A user with the Admin role can adjust the role of the API user so that processed data can be accessed.

As this user is not created in CIAM, you cannot use the credentials to access the user interface. The credentials are only valid on API level.


To execute the following action, you have to be assigned to the Manager role.

Proceed as follows

  1. Open the Project Management Service APIs.

  2. Open Users: Manage Project's Users.
    → A list of requests is displayed.

  3. Open the POST /v1/{project}/users/technical-user request.

  4. In the Parameters pane, enter the technical name of the project in the Value field.

    You can find the technical name of your project in the URL or in the Projects Overview under <Your E-Mail Address> > User Info > Projects.

  5. Click the Try it out! button to create the API user.
    → The API user has been created.

The response body provides the credentials for the API user to log in on API level. It is highly recommended to take a note of the credentials as they cannot be read out again.