Bosch IoT Insights


In Views, Bosch IoT Insights provides different dashboards to visualize collected data. Dashboards are project-specific and consist of widgets. Besides dashboards, external links and iFrame elements can be displayed as well.

If the Views menu item is absent in your project, add views as described in the Views and Dashboards chapter.

You can arrange your widgets in a grid-based view. To activate it, refer to the Views and Dashboards chapter. For more information on how to work with it, refer to the Grid-based layout chapter.

Accessing the Views menu

Proceed as follows

  1. Click the Views menu item.

→ The views you have created in the Views and Dashboards chapter are displayed.


This chapter details the following topics:


General functions

Adding a view

  1. Click the Add View button.

→ You will be forwarded to Admin > Views and Dashboards. Refer to the Views and Dashboards chapter.

Adding widgets

Refer to the Adding Widgets chapter.

Editing widgets

Refer to the Editing a widget chapter.

Arranging widgets

Refer to the Arranging widgets chapter.